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I first encountered the product when my aunt gave it to me at her house. it was great.

it worked well and so she gave me the bottle to keep trying. I only use it with my other shampoos though. I finally ran out and i thought i would order some myself and thus began a nightmarish experience.

i ordered the product a while ago and had some trouble with the shipping address.

when i ordered it i typed in my billing address was separate from my shipping address. and i typed in my shipping address. however, when i submitted the order it automatically said the shipping address was my billing address. i immediately called the customer service and they said it was too soon, call back in 24 hrs, i did and was told that the order was not in the system and if i was sure.

i said yes, the money was out of my bank account about 2 seconds after i submitted my order. when i called back again they found my order and i was assured that the address was changed and it was going to be shipped. i had him also cancel my account so i could not get future orders. however, today when i tried to track my package, it was mailed to my billing address and now i have no way of getting the product.

what do i do now? i just paid $40 for something i cant get because of terrible service. so i spoke to the customer service again and they said they would mail me out a new order. I looked at my bank statement later that day....they had charged me again.

I immediately called my bank and had them stop it. when i called wen again they said my card was declined. i told them i had already paid for it and never got the order. they said because my account is now closed, which i had them do after finding out about this automatic shipping ***, they can't do anything for me.

i like this product but it's not worth it. much better products out there, fraction of the price and no ***

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