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After washing my hair last night, finger combing it afterward as I am almost afraid to brush it ... seeing it get thinner and thinner and not understanding why, I came to the computer to google hair products that aid in regrowth.

For some reason I decided to look into reviews for Wen, as my problem with the hair loss started a couple of weeks after starting to use it. The reason I started using Wen (a couple of months ago) is I read about it making a child's hair grow back after they had lost it. I also loved the fact that is was "natural"...that was a huge thing for me. I had fine, slightly thin hair, but not noticeably thin....nobody remarked on it being thin.....but they do now!

So I thought that is great, maybe it will help mine get thicker. I bought Wen, loved it! I especially loved it in a closed in shower, some ingredient made the shower steam up with a Eucalyptus type effect. I loved how it made my hair and scalp feel.

I had been told to use 8 pumps, I've never used more than 3, usually 2, as I have short hair and that covered it enough, in my opinion. I always rinsed it very well to make sure it was all gone, never left it in. After a few shampoos I started noticing hairs flowing down the swirling shower water toward the drain. Odd, I thought, as I've never really noticed this, even in normal shedding.

Looking closer I realized it was a parade of many hairs going down the drain. They were the length from my scalp. They weren't breaking off. I have never processed my hair, it is natural, so never have breakage.

This was after about 2 weeks of starting the product. The same night as I stood at the sink combing my hair, I noticed a large amount of hairs in the sink and on the floor. I started getting very concerned. After that shampoo and the next, my drains all immediately clogged.

My hair noticeably thinned and continues to thin even more. I was sitting near a window the other day in a dr's office talking to another woman and she couldn't keep her eyes off of my shining scalp, that the sun was highlighting from behind me. You can now see right through my hair on top and both sides are noticeably thinner, there is a large amount of scalp showing through, my parts are very wide. After coming across this site last night, I got to thinking of my daughters hair and texted her to tell her about these posts.

She had long, thick curly hair and lately it has thinned and keeps getting matted. She has been ill lately with a virus, in bed, for a few days. She got a matt so thick she couldn't brush through it, so I went over to help. While brushing I got 6 handfuls of hair that had built up on the brush so much it wouldn't brush.

6 handfuls! So...after reading about matting hair, I texted to see if she is using Wen...and yes, she was. Her thick curly hair is now very thin, limp hair and the texture is strawlike. She has health issues so we thought it was that....but she has had health issues for 20 yrs and her hair was still beautiful and even down to her waist, it has never, ever matted into knots!

It was long and beautiful but with the matting she had to cut it short, it nearly killed her. Now I'm thinking if she had just used a different product she would still have her long, beautiful hair. Even short it's matting....and I know she rinses and rinses, but not sure if she leaves it in as a conditioner. ??

As of last night's text she said she definitely wouldn't be using it anymore. I do know she alternates it with other products but was adamant about loving it. Me, too. Little did we know.

And to the person who instructed us on how to be a member. I'm aware .... I think most people are. I even talked to them and customized my box and delivery dates.

That still doesn't excuse having a product that does this. Perhaps my daughter and I are allergic to one of the ingredients in it, that is always a possibility....but with hundreds of people going through this, I don't think an allergy alone is the problem. I believe, with the apparent timeframe and all the issues we are having being mirrored in the other posts here, causing serious hair loss in both of us .... we won't be using it from now on.

I am not interested in a class action suit (although I do hope the company pays attention to whatever the problem is before some do take that step), but I am going to call today to see if I can get my money back. Either way, I'm done with it. And I so loved the way it opened up my head in a steamy shower.

I used the Sweet Almond Mint and also the Sweet Almond mint styling gel. :(

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Conditioner.

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I see 1000's of complaints online about massive hair loss from using WEN, however, the person I talked to at the FDA only found 3 complaints. If we are going to get action from the FDA, *everyone* who has had hair loss from Wen needs to contact their FDA regional office and give them your complaint!

Contact the FDA at 888-723-3366 and they will direct you to the regional office that will take your complaint by phone. (can also use an online form)


I have used wen for a long time and have never had any problems. Maybe you are not reading the directions and using it correctly.


Hello, We would like to learn more about your experience with WEN and assist with anything outstanding on your account. Please contact our Corporate Escalation Team here: http://www.wen.com/lp/cet and we will be in touch with you directly. Thank you.