Langhorne, Pennsylvania

I recently was involved in an accident and fractured my leg. I was off work for a month.

After submitting all the paper work I received a check for $72. It should have been $1300. After contacting the company I was informed that a broken leg only qualifies for disability if you have to be cut open. Having a cast put on does NOT qualify you for disability.

So as far as I can tell this policy is not worth the paper it is written on!! I paid on this policy for five years and this is my first claim.

As far as I'm concerned I was scammed from day 1!! The same type of policy from AFLAC payed $1500!!

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Too bad slip and fall can't figure out they have the wrong venue - as do the people who trash WEN. Gee too thick - did you try diluting it?

Hair greasy - did you try re-rinsing it? These complaints have nothing to do with the product - Just user error. No I don't work for WEN but a hig level attorney office in DC.

I get nothing but wicked awesome compliments on my hair. I LOVE WEN


Just saw the WEN commercial. Decided to reach for my computer before reaching for my creditcard.

So glad I did.

Thanks everyone for posting the reviews. I think I just saved myself a lot of grief by reading the reviews before purchasing


Ummmm......Wen employee I suppose. They must of broke their leg after slipping on the conditioner


What does this have to do with WEN Hair Products?


:sigh Wow,people can be so dumb to what they call "hurt". What company do you work for?


And this has to do with Wen Haircare because...???