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I purchased wen and i was completely disatisfied. I could get better results by using regular conditioner, rubbing hard, combing and rinsing.

they don't tell you that your 3 month supply will be sent automatically and that you will be paying for it over a 3 month period, $90.oo for junk.If you try and cancel you get the run around. Do not buy this product.It is a scam . please tell all your friends. People,we need to be mindful of eachother in this economy.

We shouldn't allow businesses to continue to steal form us. ENOUGH!

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Hair Care.

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I use this on my 3 year olds hair, she is bi racial and her hair is very thick and curly- This stuff is awesome. Her hair is soooo soft and shiny...I have never had a problem with billing or the shipment/auto shipment method. For people that don't want autoship, you can go to and try the product directly from Chaz.


They charged my credit card on the 4th on October and I still have not received my package. I called customer service and was told that they could ship me another package and wait another 3 weeks or cancel my account!


I highly doubt that White Rain Lavender Vanilla Conditioner would give you the same results as Wen....Get real, White Rain is a cheap product full of probably have never used Salon products and get your hair cut at Cost Cutters...So you cannot compare to these products. You pay for good product and great looking hair!


I have fine, shoulder length hair which I highlight every couple of months. I, too, wondered if the Wen products would leave my hair weighed down and greasy.

It does not! From the very first use my hair was super shiny, full of body, tangle free, and it even looks good when I get out of bed in the morning before combing. I've never used a hair product like this before and I'm doubtful that an inexpensive brand like the White Rain conditioner recommended in another comment contains the same ingredients and will do as good a job. I use only the cleansing conditioner and styling cream on my hair.

I tried the Re Moist Intensive Hair Treatment when it came in the intro kit but find it unnecessary--the cleansing conditioner is already that good. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.


I love the Wen hair care system. I have very fine hair that is colored every 4 weeks.

Now my hair is fuller and much healthier than before. I also have a swimming pool and wash my hair frequently.

Wen is completely safe. I'm glad I made the commitment.


Really on the White Rain Conditioner?? Cleans your hair???

I thought i would research this product before i ordered it. It seems that most of the complaints stem from people not listening to the end of the infomercial. After your first shipment, you will automatically receive a 90 day supply. It clearly states that you can cancel at anytime. But, the shipping & handling becomes free at this stage. So, if $29.95 equals 30 days worth of the product... Then, 90 days should be $89.95 or something like that. If you don't want the added bill, call right when you receive the product, cancel your membership, ask you are speaking to, get their customer rep #, get a cancellation #. Then, call back in one week, make sure it is cancelled. Again, do the above suggestions.

If, after you use the product, you want to use the product, then re-order it. But, you will probably have to buy the 90-day order. Again, cancel when you get it. Just re-order when YOU want to.

What i would like to know about Wen is: Does it work? Does it leave your hair feeling greasy or weighed down? Does it really clean your hair? Can anyone assist me with any of these Q's??


On the infomercials and online, they DO tell you about the autoship program. They are pretty clear about it.


Use White Rain Lavender Vanilla Conditioner. That is it!

Your hair will be clean, shiny, and have all the same benefits. No need to spend all that money.