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I ordered ONE kit to try the product and was NEVER told that I will be constantly charged from my bank account for subsequent auto shipments. I called to CANCEL my account because I am not interested in the product and was told that my account has been CANCELED and that they are sorry for the bad experience and I should not be charged again.

Well, yesterday I over drafted and when I checked my account, it turned out that Chaz Dean company charged me $ 83 so I called the customer service again and was told that my account has NOT been canceled and that there is a new shipment in the wear house right now so they won't be able to cancel it. The guy supposedly canceled it and said "the account is now canceled" and I should be able to return the product when I get it and gave me a fax number to notify the billing services. I am so not satisfied with my experience with Wen.

It is now like a nightmare to me. I am hoping that this is the LAST time I get charged for unauthorized purchases, and I REFUSE to receive any more shipments.

Monetary Loss: $83.

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Sp happy to hear of these experiences now I wil not order the product but this is the case with everyfhng that is ordered on line there are always hidden cost, it is never what they say .

So thank you for the complaints now i will never order anything pn TV again always get ripped off.


Never order the product online!!!! So now I returned the product and still got charged 10 dollars for shipping...

Such a big scam.

I am glad I got most of my money back though. NEVER AGAIN.


I hear you! I returned the product that I DID NOT ORDER ( and canceled w/ their customer service twice) and they turned me over to a collection agency!

And I didn't even have the product. They are a scam company and it would behoove someone to start a class action suit!