Reading, Pennsylvania

I just called my CC company and they are going to take over the fight with this sham of a company!!! I recommend you to do the same if you are continuing to receive charges for the product you returned and did not authorize!!

Obviously there are many of us who fell for this. Now we will know better! You will get nowhere if you try to deal with the heartless reps at Wen. They were nothing but rude when I tried to explain my situation.

I was told I will continue to be billed...even though they received my unopened package and my account number was removed. What a hoax!

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My debit card was charged on Aug. 6, 2011, however I didn't receive my package until this week September 19-23, 2011.

Thank God I decided to open the invoice attached to the front of the box and was shocked to see a charge of $97.84. I couldn't believe it as they were automatically deducted the amount from my debit card. I tried calling the number on the invoice 800-964-1892 and it was constantly busy. I went to their website and found another to call 800-964-1892 and after pushing a few numbers (it never gives you the option of speaking to a customer service rep) but somehow I was able to get through.

I spoke with Ramon (they sounded like a woman). According to them I was paper billed because my card info was erased from the system (THANK YOU GOD FOR WATCHING OUT FOR ME) so the system has to paper bill me. According to Ramon I was being charged $27 a month to cover the first shipment, they broke it into 3 payments. No one ever explained that to me or else I would never had agreed to the product, it's good but not that good.

It will take 4-6 weeks for the $97.84 to be removed from my account and they also provided me with a RA# that I have to write on the box in order to return it. I am now offically going back to Garnier for way cheaper and still get the fabulous look. Shame on me for ever believing the infomercial, I should no better. Oh well, live and learn then get Garnier.

(I am not a paid rep for Garnier but if they want me to be I have no problem accepting)!

I hope this helps you with your decision. Don't forget that GOD LOVES YOU!


Dont order from them... shipping was very bad...

customer service horrible!!!... tell your friends and families..

someone should sue them.. :( :( :( :(


Looks like you might want to ask about forming a class action suit against them for fraud since you have so many disgruntled customers. Find a competent attorney.


I am glad I am reading this. I was getting ready to order their product but now I changed my mind. Thanks.


Thank you all so much for posting these. I was considering ordering the product but will not waste my time now!

It's so sad and disappointing to hear all of this but I truly hope you all get your money back.

Something needs to be done about this! Thanks again for sharing.


I am being billed monthly for nothing. I called them last month and was promised it was the last of automatic payments from them???

Then, this month, another charge added. Again, a promise that this is the last one! I told him I was told that last month and he laughed! I said I would send all back, since I had decided to keep one order and had paid for it and he said, "You won't get any credit for it because it is passed your return date so you will just be out everything!" and he laughed.

When I first called to cancel, I explained to a lady that my daughter didn't care for it (had bought for her) and this woman made a comment that I must have a very ungrateful daughter! My daughter has been in missionary service for over 8 years!! She is anything but ungrateful. These people at Wen are ***!

Don't think of doing business with them...the product is NOT as good as they say..didn't end any frizzies, period! Although it doesn't matter, the woman was also crunching on food as she spoke to me. Finally, I asked, "are you eating potato chips?" since it was the same sound that my sister used to make over the phone while eating and talking to me. The woman got mad and indignant and informed me that it was my "telephone" messing up!

Yup. And from that second on, it fixed itself!!!!

haha I need to file a complaint with everyone I can to get these charges dropped! :(


The same thing is happening to me. I called their customer service reps, they said they would send out the return UPS label and I could just put the return authorization code on it and they said they have cancelled my account.

I've yet to recieve the UPS return label and it's been past the 7 or 10 days since I was given the return autoriztion code so I would have to get a new code from a service rep. I've spoken to two reps so far and each time they have promised to send that return UPS shipping label out immediately, but they say if it hasn't arrived in 8 to 10 business days, to call back. In short, I'm getting the run around. We have been charged the 1st of the automatic $30 for the 90 day shipment they sent before I realized it my first trial month had passed and before I had a chance to call and cancel that 90 day shipment.

We will be having our lawyer contact them and I will be warning everyone possible in everyway possible, if I have to contact the BBB and circulate a FB warning to the entire world DO NOT to order anything from Chaz or Guthrie Whatever from TV infomercials, especially those that automatically ship and bill your credit cards. It's impossible or extremely difficult to get them to cancel the automatic payments. This is how they make their money.

They figure you'll just give up, keep the 90 day supply and eat the $90 loss. Chaz & Melissa are parasites!