Berkeley, California

I entirely regret ever having had anything to do with Wen or Gunthy-Renker given the enormous problems I have experienced with the company/companies. In March of this year I decided to see if this product worked for me. At the same time of this experiment, I was offered "free" trials of other products - Sheer Cover and vitamin products.

The Wen product was not for me. Then I had to call to learn what was necessary to cancel and how items were to be returned. I cancelled the account and returned the products. These were "not recorded" as returned, nor apparently was the account cancelled. Then I was sent more products. I called again to cancel and returned these products. I then was yet AGAIN sent more products, called many times again to cancel, more trips to the post office. I was disconnected on calls more than once, had rude customer service interactions (with the exception of the last communication today, "Kevin"), have been told there is no record of returns -- it has been endless and angering.

The latest, as I understand it, is from the "statement bill" f(or products I returned in the mail) for "total balance on receipt $59.90" despite my return of any products. Now, according to Kevin on the phone one minute ago, my "account" is double that. I am incensed. I have no product, have been through endless frustrations, lost enormous amounts of time on line at post offices and on numerous phone calls, and now I am being told I owe this company with a delinquent account.

I am a responsible person and take offense at how my situation has been handled and the endlessness of seeing these unwanted products appearing despite numerous cancellations.

IF I pay this so-called delinquent account, it will be to get Wen and Gunthy-Renker out of my life, finally and forever; however at this moment I am researching if what has happened to me is even legal in California. I am that angry.

After the myriad communications with the company, I expect nothing will be done by so-called customer service. But at a minimum I can warn others in every medium available to me of what I believe are deceptive business practices and poor customer care, and hopefully spare them what I have been through for the last seven months. Interesting that I now find numerous other complaints online -- I only wish I had seen them before I began this horrible experience.

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