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I've seen the commercials and thought why not try it because it seems to have a nice effect on hair and felt that my hair could even look better.I was shocked to see after the first wash SO MUCH HAIR IN THE SHOWER.

I have never experienced that in my life. I immediately called company and gal I spoke with advised to keep using with the conditioner as she had lost hair too the first time as it was just kicking out old stuff. I wanted to believe and used again with the conditioner and gobs of hair falling out. I stopped and it has been a month and shedding, shedding, shedding.

I hate to wash my hair as there is so much fall out and now I'm stressed which doesn't help.I only wish I would have read all the other people that are losing their hair with this horrible product.

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Omaha, Nebraska, United States #1033936

Thank. You Post about wen shampoo i was going to order tell you said you lost of your hair


I am glad that I read your report on Wen. I was just about to order it. Thank you.


I have very thick, healthy, never-colored hair.My overall health is excellent and I am not on any medications.

I can confirm that Wen causes hair loss! Just Friday, after a limited trial of Wen, I had hair falling out in the shower. I have never exerienced anything like this in my life.

I have not washed my hair since Friday and am frankly fearful of showering!Wen is an awful product - do not tell someone with handfuls of lost hair how much you love Wen!!!

Escondido, California, United States #790124

I LUV LUV LUV the WEN Conditioner!!For over 30 yrs my hair has been on the short side and was only able to barely get it on my shoulders

Since Wen, i Don't have to color as much because my color last longer.

PLUS my hair has grown over 4 inches in a year of using!! For the First time, my hair is longer then my daughters!!


Pomegranate is my Favorite!

No Hugh hair Loss!:) :) :) :)


Loved the product at first, but after 8 months, I have lost hair in two spots as well as at the front hairline.I am sad, my hair has always been thick and pretty.

I can only pray that after discontinuing usage, maybe it will grow back.Be aware, not a good thing to use.

to Thinning #868409

Mine, too! Three bald spots and a trip to the Mayo Climic got injections later and I'm not touching WEN again!



Many have posted of how Wen is causing their hair to fall out, but I haven't read follow ups.Those who have posted complaints, are you able to post the aftermath of months of shedding.

How long has the shedding continue since you stop using Wen? Has anyone gone bald? Has anyone completely loss their hair line or bangs? Have their hair completely recovered once the shedding stopped?

How long before your hair started to grow back?

Also, if you mention your age I believe will help both younger and older readers.Original suffer's experiences would be greatly appreciated for those who are just starting to experience this horror


Cicero, Illinois, United States #758744

To the person who suggested that "you read the reviews" on QVC to know there is not a lot of complaints with this product; I can tell you from personal experience that QVC screens it's posting and my negative review with great specificity and detail was never posted.And read the contents on your Wen bottle.

Your hair is shiney because wen is loaded with silicone.

Over time silicone causes buildup, blocks your pores and hair follicles and will indeed cause your hair to break off and fall out.If your hair is naturally shiny, without the aid of product, this is a sign of smooth cuticles, but overly shiny hair with wen should be your clue......silicone, silicone, silicone......

to Anonymous Meriden, Connecticut, United States #936227

Actually Wen has no silicone in it!!

Chicago, Illinois, United States #757781

Having recently posted my experience with Wen and substantial hair loss over a relatively short period of time. I am most surprised by the negative posting from those who say, "I love Wen, I haven't lost any hair, so something must be wrong with you."

Whether it is a hair care product, cosmetic or topical treatment of any kind; one must be open to the reality that not everyone will experience the same results based on their use of a product. For some women, Wen may be a "life safer" "hair changer" etc.,in what you perceive to be a good thing. BUT!!!!! there are just as many, those such as myself who have experienced the negative effects as a result of this product. Wen is much thicker than your standard commercial conditioner, and this really should make one wonder what is in it. And here in the U.S. we need to be more educated with a product's claim to be "All Natural." The FDA DOES NOT have a clear definition as to what "ALL NATURAL" is and this leaves the door open for makers of products to use such terms and legally be within the boundaries and yet, sale and promote products with ingredients that can be harmful.

Per Wen's own labeling:

The Styling Gel and Texture Balm contain Propylene Glycol. This is used as a Humectant. A humectant is a substance that helps retain moisture content. It prevents things from drying out. This is the reason why it is used in skin care products & cosmetics. It makes the product feel soft and smooth on...

And it contains Laureth-7: Laureth-7 Tartrate

Origin: A synthetic compound obtained by the extensive chemical modification of lauric acid, a natural fatty acid, and oxirane (ethylene oxide)..

Also we should be aware that many products that we freely purchase here in the US because of the lax FDA and regulatory agencies are not permitted for sale outside the US. WE have many cosmetic, hair care products and creams that are not permitted to be sold in other countries, because we permit them to contain known carcinogens, with health risk to the users as well as potential long term risk to those women that become pregnant.

My initial use of Wen was fairly good, but over time, I began to see hair fall out in clumps and with no history of medial or neurological problems and the use of Wen and ONLY Wen, it was fairly easy for me to zero in on the culprit and do an about face where the hair damage was concerned. I stopped using Wen!

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