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It would take 10 pages to relay the whole saga, but bottom line, like many other complaints - I was signed up for "auto shipment" when I specifically declined it and was charged different amounts and never credited for refused products. I mistakenly ordered my original order on the wrong credit card, and requested they cancel the order within 2 minutes of placing it and re-ordered on the correct credit card.

FIVE days later, I got an e-mail saying once an order is placed it can not be canceled, but I could return the product at my expense. It made NO sense because the order had not shipped. They started shipping me double orders and charging both credit cards, even after I called and canceled both accounts. I continually refused shipments that I did not order, but was not credited properly because I did not have proof of return shipping.

I disputed with both credit card companies, and both agreed with me and credited the fees back. Thought it was settled, but then I started getting collection notices threatening to ruin my credit - and the amounts were totally different from any of the amounts I had been credited back.

When I called to dispute, the customer service person told me there was nothing they would do about it and they would continue until I paid them. I had to involve the BBB, which thankfully resolved it permanently, but not after many, many hours of frustration dealing with their customer service and documenting every single thing.....Sad thing is - I LOVED the product - but I refuse to be bullied by the merchandising company Guthy-Renker, LLC.

Review about: Wen Hair Care.

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I agreee with all of the above, this company is a SCAM. The product is horrible, after 1 week of use my scalp itched horrible and my hair started falling out and breaking off.

I myself have contacted the BBB and have canceled my CC. Let them put me in collection, I never gave them permission to charge my CC after the first order.

Did it over the internet not the phone. CHAZ DEAN should be ashamed of himself, this is FRAUD by his name and the marketing company!!!

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