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Stay away from Wen Haircare Products

The product itself is about a C rating from my perspective - definitely overpriced for what you get but not a horrible result. The problem with Wen is that they continue to send you product, even after you have called several times to cancel. I specifically asked to not be set up on a resupply program, but still continued to be charged & sent product. Finally, I called my credit card company and had my charges billed back to me and Wen has been blocked from being able to charge my CC again! They can come pick it up if they want it. I would recommend this approach to anyone having the same problem!
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my daughter game 3 small bottles of wen almond tree tea and pomagranate the only wone that more or less worked for the first 3 times i used was the pomagranate it gave body to my hair the other ones i just plain hate them my hair felt dirty and the scent is horrible to expensive and didnt work


I ordered the Wen product from QVC and love the results I am seeing. It has only been a week, but I have never had any other product work so well on my hair.

I have fine, straight, treated hair and it looks so full now. My husband even noticed my hair (that is a miracle!).


This is by FAR the best product I have ever used, and I have tried everything! I have fine, dry hair that used to be curly but got completely damaged and ruined by the Brazilian Blowout Treatment (don't ever do that!) No amount of conditioner or product would make it look any better, and I couldn't even blow dry it.

After using Wen only twice, my hair was much, much better. The deep conditioner is also amazing.

People should focus on reviews of the product instead of all these people complaining about whether or not they received it, or about Guthey-Renker. You can order the product by other means if you can't handle calling Guthey Renker to cancel future shipments in the event you don't like the product.


I have used every single product money could buy for my hair and Wen is the only one that does what it says it will. There are two things.

1. You must use it EXACTLY like the directions tell you. (go to Chaz Dean web site and you get detailed instructions)

2. Pricey, but in this world, you get what you pay for. I tried every kind of hair product. Mexican, Italian, every well known American, South American, and I have literally boxes and boxes of stuff I don't use because they don't deliver like Wen. I was on the auto-refill, I called, cancelled and had no problem.


In response to "Pj", WEN is absolutely responsible for its inability to adhere to the process they've put in place for consumers to end their autopayment subscription. I believe the author of reveiw #206270 indicated she made repeated calls to end her subscription - as instructed by WEN - but to no avail. How is this NOT a problem with WEN regardless of whether or not the purchase is impulsive, or well thought out?

Please see the exerpt from another consumer site below:

"Beware of the built-in membership, though. When you order your first shipment, you automatically are subscribed to receive a new shipment every 90 days, though the site tells you that you can cancel at any time.

One of the major product traits is that it doesn't lather, a factor that makes many customers skeptical. In addition to the missing lather, it takes about 16-24 pumps of the all-in-one liquid for a typical cleaning. Twelve ounces could go pretty fast this way.

Based on reviews from across the web, one of the major complaints about Wen is that it has a strong scent. There are enough varieties offered, however - like fig, lavender, tea tree, cucumber aloe and cool almond mint - to find a scent that pleases you. There are also customers who say Wen does indeed clean their hair, but gives it a flat, dull feeling and leaves their scalp feeling oily.

There have also been complaints that the product does not work well for women of color. One customer alleges that she met Dean, and he admitted that most of the women of color who appear in Wen ads wear hair weaves - not their natural hair treated with Wen.

Buyers should also beware that Dean's claims of using only natural ingredients extends only to the cleansing conditioner. The other products do contain some synthetic elements like silicone.

To be fair, many have enjoyed the Wen system, touting its ability to give shiny, bouncy hair. Most who find it favorable enjoy supporting a product made with herbs and natural oils."


I already ordered it :-( Guess I'll see what happens.....


why dont you try ordering the product via QVC? you can try the products, they have various deals and you wont have to go through so much hassle.


I got the same results by just washing my hair with coconut soap from the health food store and using Aloe juice to rinse with. Aloe juice can be foundussually at the Walgreens or CVS by the gallon. All sooo much cheaper and no more surprise auto withdrawls by some Wen Co.


Thank you for all your truthful comments I seen the product on tv late night and thought it would be a good new thing to try.The only thing is I have more of a corse hair type and the african american women was only on the screen I did'nt get to even hear how the product would even work or how she felt about the product.This page made up my mind thankkkk you!!!!


:( :( I ordered the products 7 weeks ago and the first shipment never came although the tracking says it should have gotten to the post office. The second shipment was sent out and its lost too.

Fed Ex takes the shipment to the post office and somewhere in between, the hair care fairy steals it. NOW I have to sign an affidavit so that they dont charge my card for the items i never recieved.

I am extremely disappointed as I really wanted to try these products. I believe someone needs to do an investigation on where the items are truly going.


WEN is not the problem the fact is 95% of customer buy on impulse and dont listen to the sales agent, and are to proud to admit there wrong. you are told both by sales and on the web site that an automaticshipment would be arriving if you do not call to stop.

If customers would just shut up and stop rushing the agent off the phone you would know this. I ordered wen and i was told straight out that after 30 days i would get a 90 day pkg and it was 3 payments of 29.95 plus s/h why because i listened to them.


Thank you all for posting your comments. I was about to purchase the product then came across all your comments. Thanks for all the postings.....

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#206270 Review #206270 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Wen in Fort Worth, Texas - Never recieved

Ordered wen online, put down my business address; which by the way i've never had any problems getting shipments, but never recieved anything from wen they said the address was undeliverable... I highly doubt that.. So I called to issue a reshipment, which I did get charged for, but once again never recieved anything. Despite being frustrated all to *** about not getting my products, I will say this, they better be glad they issued me a refund because if they had charged my credit card twice for something in which I had never recieved they would have been speaking to a very very unhappy woman with a lot to complain about. Oh the representatives were actually decent to speak to on the phone.
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#205247 Review #205247 is a subjective opinion of poster.

WEN products great

In reading the other commentsd about WEN & CS plus experience with prodouct I have to say i ordered WEN thru QVC which I have never had prob with. U need to give WEN chance with your hair & use as directed. I used other products while on emerg. trip 43 days & my hair was horrible!! Watch the video & use as shown & I am sure U will B happy! WEN salons are not the problem with CS but the place U orderd from which order either QVC or Chaz directlly!!Love Fig?lavender cleanser/conditioner & deep condtioner for my colored hair. Have no prolbems with color fading or feeling greasy at all..just soft and manageable for hair on a 62 yr old grandma who still colors her hair!!!
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I love WEN by Chaz Dean (lavender) my hair feels so clean and I use everyday never felt greasy!


LOVE the products!!! After ordering from QVC a starter set , I am addicted.

My hair hasn't been this soft and bouncy since I was a teen ( 44 now! ) It made a huge difference the very first time I used it and I take VERY good care of my hair always!

This stuff is amazing! I love the FIG and just purchased the Mint mask.

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#205075 Review #205075 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Wen haircare- so far, so very good

My daughter and I are now using the wen haircare products and are pleased with the results. Our hair is ethnic hair & surprisingly, the product works great. I absolutely love the convenience of it. I only wish the product came in larger sizes. I don't understand the many complaints and those that do must NOT LISTEN as the order is being placed. The reps specifically explain the automatic renewals, refund process, cancellation process, etc. During ordering from infomercials just ensure you're AWAKE and LISTENING before forking over your credit card number. As I've stated, so far, so very good.
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#204490 Review #204490 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Wen hair care customer services

I ordered wen hair care On the phone with one of the wen represenatives at the chaz dean studio salon where they sell this products, the female on the phone which i told her to ship me a small bottle to try and to cancel the 32 oz of the cucumber aloe cleanser, she didnt listen and shipped me that 32oz size, i was ticked off, but at that time Wen cucumber aloe worked well, so i let it go, I sure hope they let that female rep was let go!!!!sometimes there attitude on the phone is very honory and pushy to get you off the phone, I dont know if I would rebuy from them again, the females there at chaz dean salon got to fix there personality on the phone when us consumers call there !!!!!! Plus chaz dean got to put himself first to customer services whether upscale people or non upscale People and not to ignore us regular people who wants to speak with him directly, i notice that he and his workers put them celebrities first in there customer services!!!! that is not good!!! Plus they should make there cleanser more lathering, my hair gets coated after awhile of using there products, I tried them all, and Now Im curious bout there pomegranite, they should sell it publicly online and not only on QVC, ONLY products I love is there leave in Gel Lotion !!!
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why would someone like chaz dean want to speak with someone who isn't even literate on the computer? you sound like an undereducated ***, and I wouldn't want to deal with you either!


Reviews will be taken more seriously if they are written using correct English grammar and spelling. I keep thinking, what is she trying to say?!?!?


wow what a review.


:( Hey we have our honest opinions and we as a customer to Companies who are upset with the products or customer services, we have a legal right to vent here, why else is it called pissed consumers????? You mainland people got warped way of thinking.

and i notice majority of you People are always *** and have a attitude problem, self centered and very *** in personality, that sucks, you will never get respect from other's acting this way!!!! :( (this is for shast!!!)


That is the dumbest review I've ever read, by far.

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#204161 Review #204161 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Wen in Boston, Massachusetts - Sent product after being told I did not want it

I wasnt sure if I wanted to continue using product after receiving it so I told them to hold off on sending anymore until I needed it. They just went ahead and sent it anyways, billed me and expected me to return it. I am out of work with a bad injury, running out of sick pay and cannot drive to the post office to return a product I did not ask for. I told the girl on the phone I was unhappy and would write a bad review and her response was "that would be fine" here it is...don't order from this company unless you want your checking account garnished without your permission. P.s. the product just weights your hair down with grease and makes it feel disgusting. Along with having to take a cold shower to use it who would want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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#203486 Review #203486 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Wen hair prod. advertising is deceptive/manipulative

I saw WEN hair product ads everywhere online. I was excited about using an organic product line to repair and restore my damaged hair. When I ordered, I was responding to an ad offering a 30 day supply for $29.99 + shipping and handling. see below between the double brackets [[ . . . ]] [["Wen Hair Care 30-Day Supply See the difference WEN can make for your hair in just 30 days. 5Wen Hair Care 30-Day Supply WHAT'S INCLUDED QTY SIZE ITEM 1 12 oz. Cleansing Conditioner 1 2 oz. Styling Crème 1 2 oz. Re Moist Intensive Hair Repair Mask BONUS ITEMS 1 10 g. Texture Balm 1 Wide Tooth Comb Created with a perfect balance of ingredients, Wen helps you say goodbye to bad hair days! 5Wen Hair Care 30-Day Supply Our 30-day Introductory Kit comes with Cleansing Conditioner, Styling Crème, and ReMoist Intensive Hair Repair Mask! You'll also receive TWO FREE BONUS ITEMS: Wen Texture Balm and our Wide Tooth Shower Comb"]] NO WHERE IN THE AD or in the ordering process - was it mentioned that this would be RECURRING ORDER. It was only when I noticed a second charge on my bank statement - that I called their order center, only to be told that the order process did advise me this would be a recurring order. I don't recall seeing or agreeing to that . . so it must be well hidden! I told the rep that I wanted the order canceled, he said in order to get the "discount" for the 30 day supply, the recurring order was mandatory. I repeated that I wished to cancel the order. He than said that 3 additional shipments had already been approved, including the one for which I had just noticed the charge to my account. These charges are executed one month at a time . . how is it NOT possible to cancel the charges and future shipments????!!!! I have subsequently canceled the debit card on file for my WEN account order and will advise friends and family to NOT try this offer. The rep also said that these type of products are not available anywhere except through WEN - which is ALSO NOT TRUE. My sister later told me about an organic product named "no poo" - available through her hair dresser, locally.
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I just went to order this for my mom and saw that recurring order agreement in the SMALLEST print!!! Yikes. Thanks for the review, you saved me from a big mistake!


What I had to do is take a PRE paid card on there and take my regular card off so I could not be charge and they still sent me shipment talking about a invoice will be on there uh I think not cause I didn't sign up for reoccurring delivery


Believe me, it is worth the time to cancel that payment method - credit/debit card.

And that way they cannot continue to ship and take payment for future orders. Ask at your local salon .

. there are natural hair care products available.


I as well just recieved my wen and in the box was a bill for $112.00 I was like what is this I only ordered the $29.00 deal to try it so I called and of course i'm stuck with it so I have been using it for about 5 days I want to wash my hair so bad cause it feels so dirty but I figured I will wait and see if it does anything at least in 2 weeks I hope so cause I really didnt have that kind of money they really did rip me off but they already have my info its not worth the stress i'll just suck it up like they did my money


You should have sent a request in writting to the company. If they continue to charge the card after receiving the notice to stop the charges, that is illegal electronic funds withdrawal if using a debit card. You can contact your credit card company and file a dispute with them for the charges that were not authorized.


I've never used any WEN products, but I do have this bit of advice. QVC on TV or is the safest place to order anything.

They sell WEN products, and if you're not happy with anything w/in 30 days return it & they refund you immediately.

I've used other products and returned empty bottles, no questions asked and they've refunded my money.

I love shopping with QVC - their the best!!!!!!!!!!


same problem here, after using wen, i have dandruff for the first time ever. going to stop using it now!!! too bad because i really liked it...


BUT - when I did try to cancel after noticing the 1st recurring order, I was told that I could NOT cancel until the three remaining shipments and billing were completed. THAT is not true if what you displayed here is honest.

AND - the ADS ARE deceptive because their 30 day trial does NOT mention the recurring order default.

Recurring orders should never be by default - if a merchant is truly honest with their customers. This should be an option CONSCIOUSLY, INTENTIONALLY chosen. And if their order system has this language - after the customer continues (often without noticing that language) - there should be a verification step, asking the customer if indeed they DO WANT the recurring order.

It's sneaky and deceptive and I believe many others would agree.

Where is the ethics in this?


If you go to the Wen web site, and click on the button to order your 30-day supply for $29.95, the following appears:

Product description QTY CLUB PRICE

WEN® Healthy Hair Care System Sweet Almond 30-day supply. When you order today you'll also get TWO Free Gifts!

Starting 30 days after you place your order you’ll receive a new 90-day supply automatically replenished every three months. You’ll pay only $29.95 per month plus $7.95 shipping and handling per subsequent shipment. There is no minimum to buy and it’s easy to reschedule, suspend or cancel at any time by calling customer service. This purchase will be charged to the card you provided today. Every WEN purchase includes a 60-day money-back guarantee of the purchase price less shipping and handling.


It CLEARLY states on the web site that recurring shipments will be sent. As someone who has worked for Customer Service for the company who services this product, I would offer the following advice, make sure that you read ALL of the print on the screen before typing in a credit/debit card number. To do otherwise just gives strength to that old saying, "A fool and his money are soon parted."


I actually love the product but I got it off ebay. I didn't want a recurring order.


I TOTALLY agree. This product is no good.

I was so disappointed with it. I tried to like it and gave it a good chance, but ultimately I just couldn't stand how my hair felt nastier and itchy and did not look any better than it did before. I got a three month supply which I was manipulated into getting, thinking I would only pay $29.00 for it, but instead it was 3 payment of $29.99. I had to argue pretty hard with a costumer service rep after he told me I needed to check my english.

I will be returning the product so that I can get refunded.

Hopefully that will be the end of Wen. I never want to even hear about it again.


I hate this product and the customer service department SUCKS too. Today was my last day of being a Wen customer.

They charged my credit card on the 4th on October and I still have not received my package-today is October 27th. I called customer service and was told that they were having shipping problems and that my package would/should have been delivered on Friday. Since then, it has been 9 days...still no package. I was told that they could ship me another package and it would arrive in 5 to 7 business days.

In other words wait another 3 weeks or I could just cancel my account! Can you believe that? Cancel my account? What company encourages cancelling your account?

I really hope Chaz Dean is listening on the "these calls may be monitored and recorded for quality assurance" tapes. I too experienced dandruff for the very 1st time ever. I wear a black uniform for work and HOW EMBARASSING is it to have danfruff flakes on my black shirt. The customer service rep told me to use a dandruff shampoo.

Are you kidding me?

I have never used dandruff shampoo and I don't plan on starting either. What I am going to do is STOP using this Wen product and telling ALL my friends not to use it either.


I ordered...same situation...I canceled and was literally almost screaming at the cust serv rep to stop charging me.

I started using the product like the instructions said...but I developed dandruff for the 1st time in my life.

I had an itchy scalp and that's NOT sexy no matter how u look at it.

The cust srv rep said for me to purchase or use dandruff shampoo...I then said why? I haven't EVER had to do that in the past...and I'm not going to start.

I went back to Herbal Essence and my hair is fine and normal again...



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#203026 Review #203026 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Ordered by Wen from Ebay

I recently tried the Wen product. I am using the mint. I have have fine colored hair and noticed that my hair coloring was no longer lasting. I have used 3-4 times now and the first shampoo I lost quite a bit of hair but each time I seen to be losing less...Love the way my hair feels, since I do not use a lot of styling products the Wen seems to work for me. I ordered mine from a reputable person on Ebay just so I could try and not worry about the billing issues..apparently that was a good idea on my part.
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1 comment

I wanted to hear if it actually work and if there were any alternatives.

#202532 Review #202532 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Wen hair products-unwanted refills

I tried this product a couple months ago and did not realize this Wen company will send me more hair products automatically and charged my credit card???Called their customer service and was told not only they will charge my card once but two more times.I also told customer service i will return the product once i received it and was told i better get a receipt from post office confirming i shipped the product back to them.I am pissed now I have to hassle sending this back and I'm also paying for postage.I DON'T EVEN LIKE THE PRODUCT!!!SAMPLES MEANS-try the product and if the consumer like it will reoder if not that's the end of it.This is a FRAUD!!!
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Ur an *** first of all....It is clearly stated everywhere on their site and on the final order before you pay that it includes auto delivery after the first 30 days and that your card will be charged so it is NOT fraud. Even if for some reason it was not stated, you still agreed to the term & Conditions when you submitted your order; wether you read them or not, that's your problem, not Wen's.

And if you didn't like the product, you could have easily called them to terminate your subscription and sent the product back at your expense. You might want to accept some of the responsibility for having such a horrible experience.

If you had actually read the terms & conditions, you could have avoided all this trouble you caused yourself. THANKS BYE!!!


I really wanted to try this product, but I am trying to get out of debt like most Americans today. So I wanted to pay by M.O.

was told I would have to pay full price $49.95 because they want me to commit to monthly billing for their product. I explained I don't want this monthly billing I just want to try their product.

I either pay the full price to try their product or I get monthly billing. Sorry to say I will not be trying their product for this reason.



This relly concerns me because I just got my 1st shipment yesterdy-NEVER buy off tv but this commercial sold me! So 1 day of using it & my hair seems flat but feels soft.

I just hung up from Wen customer service after reading this comment above. I cancelled & was told I would have no problems-promised no more shipments or charging on my card.

Anxious to see if its legit....IF NOT they will remember my name there! :)I dont like the "forcing" of future purchases/uto ships!

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#201154 Review #201154 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Wen Hair Care Customer Service

I ordered the Wen Hair Care system, and within 2 weeks I knew I was going to cancel my "membership." I didn't have a problem canceling future orders, but the customer service woman, Mary Lou, was an absolute b!%@# about it. When she asked why I was canceling after such a short period of time, I told her it was not the time saver it proclaimed to be. Mary Lou kept insisting that I just didn't want to put the effort into making my hair look good. I have fairly long hair, and it took me longer to use Wen (the one-step cleaning/conditioning system) than it took me to use shampoo and conditioner separately. On top of that, I live in Chicago where the winters are pretty brutal. A hot shower in the morning is key, but in order to use Wen, I had to start my day with a cool shower -- it couldn't even be warm. I was too skeptical of a shampoo/conditioner all in one, so I followed the directions to the letter. Cool showers suck in the winter!
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It's a joke it does not do what they say




Wow really? b/c I just got mines today and I was wondering if it's good or not.

I don't want another order b/c this is suppose to be a "60 day Sample trail" so I'm thinking about canceling it. If I like this, than I'll buy the Products at Amazon...It'll be easier :/

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#200347 Review #200347 is a subjective opinion of poster.