Salt Lake City, Utah

in my "thank you for your order" email, I got a message stating free shipping on my next order, which I placed. I waited over a week, and the order was still in "received" mode.

I sent an email asking what happened. 3 days later, after no response, I called and waited on hold for 20 minutes to talk to someone. After finally getting a supervisor, and 2 hours on the phone, it seemed we got it all cleared up. Seems you are allowed to order products they don't have, and you get to wait indefinitely, without any notice from them, that you won't be receiving your order any time soon.

we picked another product and hung up. the next day, I'm locked out of my account. I called 8 times to figure out what the *** the new problem was, and was either put on hold till I hung up, or told I wasn't locked out of my account.

another 2 hours wasted. closing my account with the *** review possible for their "customer service".

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Wen Cons: Crappy customer service, Product or customer service.

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