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  • From mobile
  • 1 day ago
  • #941739

Omg its causing My head ti burn!!!! Throwing ot Away!!!!

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 16
  • #937856

I notice im loosing my hair this is a bad thing to use

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Wen hair care , the worst , I used it several times and my hair as well fell out , I stopped using it , Those people do not care about you or me , they just want a more consumer's, YES ( WEN) IS VERY BAD , CONSUMERS COMPLAIN ALL THE TIME , YOU NEED TO CALL THE FEDERAL TRADE COMMISION,IN WASHINGTON D.C. ,THEY WILL HELP YOU , AND GO TO ALL OF THE NEWS AGENCY'S , WITH LETTER'S, THIS WILL REALLY HELP YOU , at one time my hair was very long , I too... Read more

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I lost about 2/3 of my hair after a miscarriage & long illness last yr. Thankfully it's all coming back in, & I almost look like I did before my health took a turn. Recently I started using Wen. I loved it, the smell the feel, there's nothing I don't like about it. So seeing all this bad press about it causing hair to fall out, naturally makes me nervous. Losing my hair altered every area of my life. I didn't want my husband to see me, & I... Read more

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I bought Wen thinking that if stars are using it , it should be really good. My daughter and I used it. I personally did not like the way my hair felt. It was heavy, like it was dirty. I didnt use it again. But on the other hand my daughter said that heavy feeling did control the frizzines. She did have beautiful thick hair ,but noticed a lot of hair was being rinced away in the shower. Her hair has become thin over time. Its been a few years... Read more

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I used wen for 5 years . Can't believe how much hair i lost, did not want to believe it was the product causing it but it was. stopped using it 1 year ago hoping I would grow my hair back. It was my stylist that warned me about wen which is why i stopped using it! I have not had the good fortune of regrowing hair . need a solution to this problem if any one has some advice i would greatly appreciate it! there should also be stricter guidelines... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 28
  • #908617
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I can't believe that you did and still have this product for sale and you're advertising it knowing what is being reported by soooo many women....I am among the women that bought and bought the product thinking it was going to take time to see results, not realizing that the hair loss was the result of it. hair was fine, but plentiful and wanted more volume and help keep color last you have a site to get reimbursed for this... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 19
  • #903512

I too, found after using Wen hair products my hair was thinning. My hair was on my shoulders in large amounts. Very scary! I sent some of the product back and threw the rest out. When I see the TV commercials I just shutter!

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 19
  • #903447

I knew that something was wrong with my hair was brittle after using Wen. Now I have patches of hair loss.

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