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I urge you to think twice before trying this product. I began using it a little over a year ago. Loved the smell, loved the shine, and manageability. I have (well I guess I should say HAD ) a ton of fine, wavy hair. After a few months I noticed that my hair line had become noticeably thiner (I had my hormones check - they were in balance.) never did I think it was the product until clumps of hair starting falling out and began researching only... Read more

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I am an African American woman, and I use Wen Hair care products and my hair fell out, and it burned my sides, my scalp just like as if I had a relaxer put in my hair. I purchased in 2015, and received the products within 2 weeks. Although my first treatment was 3-6 months later, which I did speak to a Wen Rep. named Blanche. I did have the full usage of all the products two times, with severe burns, dried brittle hair and used lots of ... Read more

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I started using Wen shampoo 09-15/2015 sale at QVC i bought two bottles and used them all right away my hair fell out around my face. i went to the doctor who said maybe its vitamins but my blood was normal. i used more shampoo then my scalp hair fell out and got very thin! went back to another doctor who did blood and testing looking normal a year in and I was told by my dr to use a speacial shampoo not wen! when i did within a week my hair... Read more

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  • Jul 21
  • #886114

Loss of hair, my hair is thinning

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  • Jul 20
  • #885986

Wow i wondered y my hair was falling out when i brushed i actually stopped brushing it when dry and its thinner i had thick hair until i heard about this i wouldnt have thought Wen but if theres complaints i have a few

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There are at least 1000 complaints of hair loss and other serious adverse effects from Wen cleansing conditioner here, and every one of them should be contacting the FDA to file a report. If everyone filed with the FDA instead of here, the investigation would have gone further quicker, and many thousands of victims would be spared. My little girl had complete hair loss from this product. If you want to prevent more tragic cases, report to the... Read more

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The first it made my hair feel soft and pretty after 4 times of using this product my hair was thinning my hair was coming out in clumps, I am so embarrassed Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 19
  • #885099

Used WEN after steady use, I had extreme hair loss. I am a hairdresser of 30 + yrs. Never thought this would be the result of so called natural silfate free shampoo/cleanser. I also have permanent hair loss at my hair line. $$ comp. will not rectify this, I could just cry for all women who had the same thing happen.

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If the complaints do not have a name or source for verification, do not believe it!!!! Many merchants submit false claims against their competitors. Always ask for verifiable resources, then, thoroughly investigate and call your State Attorney Generals office for more information. I dont need to submit 100 words to make a simple suggestion to eliminate fraud. Please send me verifiable facts on the claims that Wren Hair Cleansing products... Read more

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I am horrified over the number of women who have experienced the SAME symptoms of hair loss and bald spots after using Wen like I have! I have always had thin, fine hair. Never "problem" hair, just fine and thin. I started using Wen because of its claim of being gentle on the hair, safe ingredients, ability to use it everyday, etc. Loved it as a shampoo/leave-in! Within three weeks or so, my hair started "shedding". What in the world? I... Read more

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